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Is December 21st 2012 going to be the end of the world?  Or is it  just a lot of mumbo jumbo?  Some research notes from Precision Trading Systems 


This subject is rather complex and there is a lot of hype. However there are some "facts" which require serious attention as if they are true would seem to indicate the world is going to be heading for some extremely inclement weather to say the least.

I have used the inverted commas as the word "facts" is based on information gained from various unconfirmed sources, some of these "facts" are going to be hard to prove or disprove. 

As usual, I am very interested to hear from anyone who has done some detailed research on the points covered below. The "facts" need to be validated by someone intelligent enough to know.

Recently I found out that Richard Feyman had done some studies of the Mayans books and stated that the guide notes that accompany the Mayan books were totally inaccurate, I have yet to read his interpretations of these books. Feyman was noted as being one of the top 10 physics in the world and he had a condition known as synethesia which embellishes people with it with an ability to see or hear certain things as colours in their minds.

Here is a video clip of one of his lectures.


Let us look at each point and view the arguments from both sides. ( As a critic and as a believer ) and each point needs to be validated for being true.

1. The Mayans predicted that in 2012 on 21st December there will be a solar alignment. This means that the planets and earth, sun, moon and the centre of the milky way will be aligned in a straight line.  The number of years ago that they are claimed to have predicted this is unclear, either 800 years ago or 5200 years ago seems to be the general consensus. Indeed even if it was a mere 800 years ago one cannot ignore the fact that is a remarkable prediction. Modern astronomers have confirmed that a solar alignment will occur on this exact date.

2. According to the documentary by the National Geographic channel on 2012 the Mayan books ( Comprised of diagrams like hieroglyphics ) show the world will end and features illustrations of flooding and disaster. ( This theory was reported to have been debunked by Richard Feyman)

3. The previous Mayan calendar ended 5200 years ago and some interested people researched the condition of the world during this era. 

( At this point one has to question how they claim to know this date as the remaining three books were reported by National geographic channel to be a mere 800 years old )

4. In the Peruvian Andes near the Amazon basin is a place called the Quelccaya ice cap. Scientists discovered some interesting phenomenon in the present time AND in the time 5200 years ago.

4a. They claim to have compelling evidence that the plant life there could have only lived in a warm environment.

4b They also claim that the plants were subjected to "snap freezing" whereby they literally were warm one day and frozen solid the next.

4c They claim that carbon dating shows the plants to be 5200 years old.

4d They claim that there was an overnight covering of ice 5200 years ago.

4e They claim that the ice cap is retreating at a rate which is 10 times faster than the rate of retreat 25 years ago ( this fast melting ice is stated paradoxically as being the reason why this above points can be observed due to being able to view the ground without ice on it , which of course indicates global warming, rising sea levels and the potential of flooding which was marked in the so called Mayan end of the world prophecy)

5. The claimed date of the Mayan books is 800 years ago. ( Which casts some doubts as to how these were written and by whom, as the general belief is that the Mayans were wiped out much deeper back into history than 800 years ago)

6. Richard Feyman stated there are only three Mayan books left out of 100,000 + books and casts blame on the Spanish for leaving these three selected books behind. Indeed does one even know if the Mayan diagrams are even authentic?  Some suggestions of manipulation of content or even forgery spring to mind do they not?

7. The iceman of Austria. While it is claimed National geographic channel that this man died in a snap freeze 5200 years ago, I recently heard that he was in fact shot with an arrow before he was frozen and well preserved in the snow and ice. I have yet to check either of these points to find the truth.

On further study of the wikipedia article it is confirmed he was shot in the shoulder with an arrow and had the DNA of four other people on his blood stained coat. One interesting detail was that his lungs were blackened ( the wikipedia speculation suggests inhaling campfire smoke, but another angle might indicate he breathed in dust caused from the "end of the world" similar to the KT layer dust. It is not altogether clear if his body was instantly frozen by a strange weather snap, but the general gist of his excellent preservation seems to indicate it was.

8. Solar flares. Solar flares are "explosions" on the surface of the sun and have enough power to cause immense damage to the earth due to the severe radiation they produce.  I have a vague recollection that scholars believe the chances of these occurring ( or the positioning of the planets and sun and earth could reduce our natural protection of these flares)

9. Polar shifts. It is well known that the polarity of the earth can change. Forgive my inaccuracies in the years required for this to happen. Either the average time between shifts is 100,000 years and we are 600,000 years overdue since the last change or it is 100 million years between shifts. The reason this is of a concern is that the north and south poles offer us a very good protection from the radiation that arrives from outer space. The condition that occurs while the pole is shifting from north to south causes a single flux pole to become many weaker fluxes and poles all over the place and while this is happening we have no protection from the radiation.

9a. It is "known" that this occurs as when molten rock from volcano eruptions solidifies it stores a memory of the magnetic pole arrangement of the earth at the moment of solidification. There are some places in Australia that have several million years worth of lava flow which when drilled out into pellets and analysed in a laboratory show these polar shifts occurred many times in history.

9b It is also "known" that the poles weaken in strength just before the poles will shift to the inverted state. The research suggests that the pole shifts take many many years to happen, the exact number of years has gone from my memory.

10. Some words of comfort ( sarcasm )

The world has ended before.

65 million years ago the earth was struck by a meteor or asteroid of approximately 125 miles across. The dust ball thrown up from the impact was enough to blot out the sun light for long enough to kill off all life on earth, save for the tiniest bacteria or enzymes. The KT boundary otherwise known as the iridium layer shows a black line in geological  excavations which is present all over the entire earth. As the thickest part of the KT boundary is found near the Yucatan Peninsula scientists knew this was close to the impact point of the asteroid. They were unable to locate the crater which they estimated at 124 miles in diameter until an oil exploration company found a massive horse shoe shaped crater in the ocean floor when doing a survey. The actual size was + or - 1 mile of the size estimated by the scientists and totally proved the theory of the end of the world occurring 65 million years ago. 

Note: Iridium is a metal element from outer space and can only be found in the KT layer.

10a  FACT There are no dinosaur remains to be found above the KT layer, which supports the claim of the KT theorists that it killed off all life.

10b  FACT  The first species of life to emerge after this is the fern plant and the subsequent fossils above the KT layer indicate a fern spike ( Meaning a high number of ferns fossils were present as the first form of life or plants to be found above the KT layer.

11. FACT Some years ago ( from memory approx 15-20 years ago) a massive asteroid was heading towards the earth and narrowly missed us by a few thousand miles. If it had hit us then probably most of us would be dead. I remember reading about it in the newspapers and noting in my mind that even though they knew it was coming dangerously close, it was never on the news that "maybe in a few weeks the world will end" . One has to ask oneself that if there was a cataclysm about to happen then would the powers that be allow it to be reported in the press?

Extra research needed.

12. The iceman of Austria had blackened lungs. Therefore it would be nice to find out if there is any evidence of a smaller KT layer in geological surveys in 5200 rock data.


Other important notes to consider.

If one assumes the above points to be true, the it seems like an obvious move to try to establish which parts of the world would be subjected to a snap freeze and which parts would be unaffected, once this was figured out then a trip ( of unknown duration ) to one of the lesser affected countries would be a smart move. As a move to minimize risk of death by freezing one could take a holiday whether he or she believed it or not. It sounds amusing doesn't it? You can almost visualise the Travel brochures marketing lines..."Take a trip to Italy and minimize the risk of death by snap freezing" I smiled weakly..

Some earlier memories during my gathering of information on this topic leads me to believe that Italy and possibly Egypt are to be less affected than other countries. I recall some information about how the rise of power came from the Roman empire and if the above themes are taken into account ( as being true ) one could figure that if the UK was still in a relative ice age around 3000 bc and its inhabitants were forced to shelter in caves just to survive the freezing weather while at the same time the Romans were basking in sunshine, it would seem logical to justify there faster state of social and scientific advancement.

Also I recall hearing some information about the higher water temperatures of the sea in Europe are causing some of the salt content to fall to the sea bed and not reach its destination in the oceans around the UK. ( The UK is kept warm by the gulf stream, and the doomsday theorists claim that if the salt levels continue to drop due to the warmer climate then the sea around the UK would be less able to resist freezing, and the freezing of the sea around the UK would prevent the flow of the gulf stream and its warm winds from keep it warm, thus of course putting it back into the ice age )

We have already got conclusive proof that the species of fish found in our seas is changing on a scale that can be measure annually. Warm water loving species such as sharks are rising in numbers and other cold water species are declining. ( source radio 4 interview with some fishermen who stated that sea temperatures have risen by 0.6 degrees recently)

Please pick one of the above topic and subtopics that you wish to research, then drop me a mail informing me which one you chose. Once I receive your notes on them I will publish them on this page to help build a more accurate estimate of what could happen.

Roger Medcalf 2012






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