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Richard Feynman was one of the brightest minds the world has ever seen.


He was known as an experimental physicist who tested all his theories in experiments. He built the first atomic bomb and won a nobel prize for physics. ( He later stated he acted immorally when failing to stop developing the bomb after Germany was defeated)

Interview of the pleasure of finding things out. Richard Feynman

He stated his method of understanding was to translate any new knowledge into something real which could be easily understood.

As his father showed him a dinosaur in the encyclopaedia he told him it was 25ft, so it could reach its head into your upstairs window.



He described the request to be involved with  the first atomic bomb as disrupting his interest in his physics to do this "odd job"


Richard Feynman worked with J Robert Oppenhiemer (right)

in the development of the first atomic bomb. "and now I am become death the destroyer of worlds"


Watching the lectures of Richard Feynman is virtually guaranteed to raise the scientific awareness of the viewer.




 << Video of the life of the genius of Richard Feynman


 Richard Feynman nuclear physicist in one of many lectures >>





Richard Feynman

In response a casual "why" question which evidently silences his interviewer completely when he asks "why do magnets attract"



Richard Feynman

In a lecture explaining the relationship between maths and physics




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