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THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MULTICHARTS 8.5 and later versions

If you require something for a different version then please email me and I will make it for you.

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Roger Medcalf 2015   You may not reprint text or images without permission



As I have been asked many times by site readers to make some simple systems that a newcomer to trading can use easily I have produced this simple yet incredibly powerful tool as a simple introduction to system trading.

  • Suitable for a complete beginner to trading.

  • Suitable for the most advanced experts

  • Suitable for all market types ( Does not require volume information, so works on Forex, Futures, Bonds, Indices, Stocks etc )

  • Comes with Indicator and Signal as a ready made trading system.

  • Suitable for real time live trading and autotrading

  • Suitable for end of day static data


 Percent Asymmetric for MultiCharts shows that huge complexity is not always needed to make reliable profits
Percent Asymmetric


System introduction

  • Percent Asymmetric follows the tried and tested rules of trend following with all the correct logic applied automatically.

  • Percent Asymmetric can deliver exceptional performance despite being extremely simple in its operation. Read on...

Advanced features

  • Percent Asymmetric has asymmetric percent settings so it can be adjusted to suit all market conditions encountered.

  • Percent Asymmetric has a huge range of settings for microscopic adjustment to fit any data behaviour.

  • Percent Asymmetric can be used as a Symmetrical or Asymmetrical percentage model if required.

Standard features

  • Percent Asymmetric has an accurate colour changing plot that provides at a glance TREND detection depending on colour

  • Percent Asymmetric default use is as a stop and reverse model

  • Percent Asymmetric is fully optimizable so you can rigorously test all the settings for best performance.

  • Percent Asymmetric works on any type of chart in the MultiCharts platform.

Technological advancements

  • Percent Asymmetric has been completely programmed in efficient fast code to handle the high speed data of modern markets.

  • Percent Asymmetric has a feature to input a different trade size for long and short trades ( See below image )

  • Percent Asymmetric indicator has a built in alert function which can be enabled to play a sound or send and email when it changes trend


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 Percent Asymmetric Indicator and Signal Strategy for MultiCharts 
Precision Percent Asymmetric here shows its worth when added to a slow moving trending investment trust.
Percent Asymmetric trend
 Percent Asymmetric below shown on a 3 minute Crude Oil chart.  Long setting of 1.8%  which allows wider stop distances to lock onto the major trends,
Percent Asymmetric Crude Oil 3 minute
Percent Asymmetric 3d chart below shown after an optimization between 2-15% in 0.2 increments producing a favourable bell curve.

More explanations on optimizations and back testing can be found on the instructions page the is also accurate instruction on setting up for best use.
Percent Asymmetric Bell Curve
Percent Asymmetric below shown on 10 minute chart of the Dax futures.
After two small losing trade it ran away with a 400 point profit.
Percent Asymmetric Dax futures
Percent Asymmetric can be used by long term traders who like to catch the big trends. When set to 6% moves of 1000 points are not uncommon.
Percent Asymetric Dax futures


Percent Asymmetric below  catching the trend on a Nasdaq NQ 10 minute chart set to 0.4 long percent and 0.3 short percent


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More explanations on optimizations and back testing can be found on the instructions page the is also accurate instruction on setting up for best use.


Percent Asymmetric Nasdaq NQ Futures


FAQ for dummies



This product is much less complicated and sophisticated than your other products. 

Have you got a more advanced version of this for expert traders? 














I have provided a simple product to satisfy the customers who are learning. This does not mean an expert cannot profit from it.


A very famous trader featured in Market Wizards No1 used a similar method with exceptional results and his name was Martin Schwartz, a man who was just about as far from being a beginner as any man could be.


I recall he won the New York Times trading championship a few times in a row and made more money than all the other contestants combined.





The wheel:

A simple invention from 5,500 years ago




Surprisingly wheels are used on the Airbus A 380 the worlds most sophisticated passenger jet today.




Do you have instructions for the Percent Asymmetrical Indicator?








Yes, they are here, reading them slowly will enhance your knowledge --------->










Does Percent Asymmetric Stop work with Kagi, Renko and tick charts?






Yes it works with any type of charts in MultiCharts ---->




It works fine on any charts in MultiCharts



I wonder if you can tell me the best time frame chart to use Percent Asymmetric Method?







As this product uses percentages to activate trades it is not relevant what time frame chart is used.


If you use a 1 minute chart set to 2% it will give the same signals on a 30 minute chart set to 2%


Looking for the holy grail?    Its turns out to be a stopwatch ( sometimes )---->

....But in this case it does not matter



When will Percent Asymmetric for MetaTrader 4 be released?








I am currently porting Pi-Osc over to MT4 and Percent Asymmetric will follow shortly after.


I guess around March 2016 but please check the home page for exact release dates..



The Pi-Osc for MT4 is shown here


Piosc MT4







How do I find my MultiCharts customer details?









Open MultiCharts, click on help, about, and your details are shown there. Please copy and paste this into your Paypal order when you purchase. 




What happens when my license expires? Are there any obligations to me?







You will get a notification message like this------->

On your MultiCharts platform showing the license has expired

You can renew your license if you wish but are not obligated to do so.


Nothing bad happens, it just stops working


I day trade mostly on the 1 minute charts of ES and NQ and close out before the end of the day. Is this Percent Asymmetric suitable to use on a 1 minute time frame? I see you have some 10 minute FDAX screen shots on your site but most are longer time frames.


Yes it will work but if you are planning to use Percent Asymmetric for day trading you will likely end up in the group of the 90% of day traders who lose. (Day trading = close out all trades before the end of the day)

Such ill advised preparation and research generally results in outcomes such as shown in the video clip.

See my article on cost to profit ratios on my day trading page





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