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Precision Volume indicator  (PV)  and user function for Tradestation and Multicharts.



  Your early warning Indicator


This Indicator was conceptualised by PrecisionTradingSystems in 2001.


For smooth and simple definition of volume action this indicator is good at spotting early signs of trend reversals


Precision Volume Indicator makes its calculation from analysing the direction of each tick on real-time data, to evaluate if there is net buying or selling over the given sampling length.


 Important note


   Precision Volume requires tick volume, and NOT trade volume otherwise freak readings can result.

   Do not use this indicator on static daily, weekly data, as it will not function correctly 


Precision Volume (PV) show whether a security is being accumulated (bought) or distributed (sold) over the length assigned by the user.

It is designed as a confirmation indicator and not to be used alone as a signal, purpose is to help you make your mind up when you are in a trade that has a weakening trend, PV helps to illustrate if the trend is really about to turn around or resume its course....


PV is designed to be calculated using intraday tick price data.


  • When PV is above zero it indicates net buying over the sampling length.

  • When PV is below zero it indicates net selling over the sampling length.

  • PV often warns of impending trend changes ahead of other indicators.

  • If PV is below zero and begins rising, it shows that there is still net selling over the period, but the sellers are running out of steam

  • If PV is above zero and begins falling, it shows that there is still net buying over the period, but the buyer are running out of steam

  • This indicator works very well on non traded cash indices as a confirmation


      The trend was down ( centre ) but PV is rising which give you the trader an early warning


Precision volume indicator ELA code is available free if you score above 1025 in the Weekly Trading IQ game


To qualify for your free Precision Volume indicator ela file, just create a free account and score 1025 or greater in the weekly contest

 then drop me an email with your account name. You will receive the indicator shortly after.







 Price makes a new high, but PV is heading down, showing that the strength of the up trend was weakening..... 

                 Early warning of collapse (Left) and a Divergence (Centre) warned some short covering would stop the decline
                                          Precision Volume Indicator + function for Tradestation and Multicharts




            Indicator + function

                            Precision Volume 

An indicator I made for measuring demand-supply imbalances.

This indicator will only work correctly if used on real time data with tick volume enabled.


Early warning indicator ( requires confirmation )

An oscillator type indicator which measures demand and supply imbalances in an easily understood form


Above zero = Demand > Supply over sampling period


New indicator highs or lows over a chosen long length of (100 bars+) often foretell a strong move is coming..........



Stocks, Futures, non-traded Indices (Unsuitable for Forex)


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)




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