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Watching these videos will change the way you think forever


 A series of eight highly Informative and educational videos on the misunderstood phenomenon of exponential growth

Dr Albert A Bartlett will get your attention here.


Part 1


A beautifully described method of explaining exponential growth.

 The facts reveals are most disturbing and not for those who do not have the stomach for reality. 

Features the grain of wheat on the chessboard theoretical analysis.

Doubling the grains of wheat on each new square = more wheat than has ever been consumed in the entire history of the world.

Part 2

Horrific mathematic proof that the current growth in the world population CANNOT continue.

At the present world growth rate of 1.6% per year can you guess how many years it will be before each human being has only 1 square metre  of space for himself?



Part 3

Horrific explanation why Boulder county ( growing at 7% per year )will be as big as Los Angeles in seventy years.


Also features the well known bacteria in the bottle experiment.  Which illustrates the complete misunderstanding of many public speakers failing to understand exponential growth


Part 4

Explains how when oil consumption doubles it means that the amount used in the current decade is going to add up to more than the entire amount that was consumed in the entire history of the world.

Coal is also in danger of running out.

Horrific maths, absolutely proving the oil will run out much sooner than most people expect.


Part 5

Proving how estimates that coal will last 600 years are totally inaccurate. The actual value is much much less.

Can you guess how many years until coal runs out?

Introducing the world renowned "Hubbert curve" (1956 prediction)

We are on the down slope of the bell curve in the world oil consumption chart. Hubbard predicted oil production would peak between 1966 and 1971.

The actual peak occurred in 1970



Part 6

Proof that you will see during your lifetime the peak of petrol consumption. What will the world be like without readily available petrol?

Think of it.

Geologists report than for every 4 barrels of oil that are produced we are only find 1 new barrel of oil.

Think about that too.



Part 7

Mr King Hubberts letter to congress and the shockwaves it caused.

The addiction to growth is going to end up causing shrinkage.

Magnificent explanation of the "sustainability of growth"

HUD secretary Jack Kemp famous mistake..."People are not a drain on the resources of the planet"

Asimov's pure wisdom comments.

Human dignity cannot survive over population. Convenience and decency cannot survive over population. As you put more people into the world the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies, the more there are the less on individual life matter.

Part 8

Horrific maths. In the last hour the population of the world just increased by 10,000 people.

In the last hour the population of the USA just increased by 280 people.

Ticking time bomb?

Thinking is very upsetting, it tells us things we would rather not know.

Fact do not cease to exist just because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley:





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