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Traders who are interested to trade my capital on a profit share basis can do so if they achieve good statistics from trading in the Trading IQ Game. 
The share would be that each month you would get paid out 25% of the profits you generate by trading my money each month.

For example if you make 35,000 profit in a month you would receive 8,750 and if the next month you made a loss, you would not receive anything for that month. When the account exceeds the previous high value and there is a profit for the month then the payouts would resume.

Each account would have a 60% stop loss, meaning that I would withdraw the funds if you lost that or more and the business would cease.

The criteria required is to show consistent profitability, good risk management, adaptability and getting a lake ratio and MAR of acceptable quality.

Payments are made monthly if the account has a profit for that month.

If you are interested in this offer please do as follows.

1. Create a free member account using the sign up page
2. Open the  Trading IQ Game
3. Log in with your user details
4. Trade enough sessions for a meaningful trade report to be generated ( 20 to 30 sessions )
5. Observe the trade suggestions generated by the trade report at the end of each session and adjust your style accordningly
6.  If your Trading IQ is greater than 1300 and you have gained good ratios you can contact me to discuss further.
7. You do not have to be the No1 in the World table to be considered as the merits of your trade report will be examined

View a sample trade report here

The trader in the above report started off well then had a losing spell.


In the example below we can see the actual equity curve of a participant in the Trading IQ Game who achieved an excellent lake ratio of 0.020 which is exceptional and much higher than most could acheive. However the sample is very small with only 10 trades executed.

As it is common for a winning streak to occur it is essential to have a business like number of sessions and trades completed before taking the lake ratio too seriously as the sizes of the lakes and mountain area can change dramatically over small samples.

The lake ratio metric is a very simple and accurate method of asessing ability and more information on this subject is covered here Lake ratio

Lake ratio on equity curve below = 0.020

lake ratio



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