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Trading statistics from January 2001 until June 2005           

The below trading figures show a return of over 13,000 % on the initial 1400 starting capital.

Products traded include: CFD's, Spreadbet stocks, indices and options, Ordinary stock, futures, and warrants.


The Precision trading system follows the usual simple rules associated with trend following, but special

attention is given to risk control, hedging, positions sizing, and instrument selection.



Type Total Trds Winners Losers %Win Ave win Ave loss Max win Max loss Ave Profit R/R Net profit
Long 487 275 212 56.5% 862 -444 8,975 -2,597 286 1.94 142,824
Short 327 179 148 54.7% 504 -335 3,885 -2,120 119. 1.50 40,652
Total 814 454 360 55.8% 683 -390 8,975 -2,597 203. 1.75 183,476





Basic system concepts.
  • Cuts losses quickly (stop losses used on every trade)

  • Runs profits and never closes a trade until the trend changes

  • Spreads risk over a wide number of markets whenever possible

  • Ensures equal risk is factored for each instrument traded

  • Uses optimal trade sizes, based on statistical performance

  • Takes protection against unforeseen events

  • Trades both long and short to reduce market risk

  • Selects instruments only that are suitable for systems

  • Has been extensively back tested to establish optimal parameters

  • Low stress (avoiding human emotional destructive elements)



Technical Indicators


In order to construct a trading system, one must first be able to break down into sections, the exact criteria that one wants to see met before a trading signal is given. During system development, hundred of indicators were designed and tested, and very few conventional models are used in my system. I found that with careful thought, and programming, I could design models that were superior to those commonly available to the public. Some of these can be downloaded from this site  in ELA (Easy language) code for use with Omega research software products such as Tradestation and Supercharts. Of course they can be converted into other programming languages with a little patience.




Technical indicator examples



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