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Here is a collection of some of my paintings




Princess in the castle 2015


Model name : Anonymous





Video no1 of me working with models and ideas to make good poses.


Video no2 of me some models and time lapse images.

Here is my rendition of Jimi Hendrix

Some recent oil paintings not yet entirely finished from 2015

Some nude models prefer to remain anonymous as are these below

Oil painting of Odette Niemans 2014 (below)

Study of  anonymous model with a beautiful back, my first attempt at impressionist art where I failed to get the effect

Study of Salena Lima 2014 (below)

Study of Natalia Ortegon 2014

Study of an anonymous nude model


If the painting goes well it can go on redbubble where its made into a mobile phone case, t-shirt ,poster or prints


You can see the above painting as a mobile phone case here on redbubble



Richard Feynman


You can see the above painting as a mobile phone case here on redbubble


A friend

Robert Oppenhiemer

French actress Isabel Adjani

Lucy getting a purple face, the artists string grid is used to transfer correct proportions to the painting

...positive energy with yellow hair

... happy pose

Pencil sketch

Two hour messing around garden doodle

My creation "Positive energy" technique, the result of 12 years development

 Sandra in "That's deadly"

Painting in progress

 Brazilian model Regiane De Almeida

The finished picture after some improvements

First stages of a lingerie painting

The time ran out here so it was finished by using photos

The final piece after some shadow effects were added

"Blue Energy" The nude model in this picture chose to remain anonymous

Indian glamour-lingerie model GurjLondon

 My assistant Fletcher ready to work






If you are interested in posing for a painting contact Roger



























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