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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT for July 20th 2017

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Precision Trading Systems is currently developing the below products and updates for 2017

Trading IQ Game new method of data delivery to user interface Date expected August 2017
Precision Probability Index for NinjaTrader 8 RELEASE Date expected August 2017
Precision Stop for NinjaTrader 8 RELEASE Date expected August 2017
Percent Asymmetric for NinjaTrader 8 RELEASE Date expected  August 2017
All indicators and systems converted into most other popular platforms. message here Coming when you ask for them


Trading IQ Game 2016 World Champion  Albin J Czarnik

Comment from Roger Jan 10th 2017

Albin beat a total of 239 opponents and demonstrated a characteristic which has been seen before in the Trading IQ Game and that is extreme persistence.

On this page I wrote many years ago I highlighted the fundamental differences between winning and losing traders. Albin's performance is a fine example of a winner continuing to try over and over again in contrast to the loser who trades a few sessions, loses a bit of money and then quits.

Albin created multiple accounts and wiped out a few times until eventually he got 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the table. The four place finisher JF3 made a grand effort and played 55 games in one day and very nearly held onto 3rd place, the 9th placed finisher PP13 showed a lot of promise and I would welcome him back next year.

Here is Albin's winners statement

As an attorney and an active market participant, I appreciate educational tools that enhance oneís practical skills and Rogerís IQ Game is such a tool. The Trading IQ Game forces new traders to recognize certain market patters and teaches them to react to those conditions at their own pace. One of the best things is that traders get to rely on their own observations without unnecessary distractions in form of any indicators. I enjoyed playing for fun and learning at the same time.

Table 2016 CLICK (LAST YEAR) TO SEE  view

Albin's Trade report click to view

This is what Albin wins

  • 1 Year subscription to NinjaTrader live trading account ( value $720 )

  • Lifetime license for MultiCharts ( value $1495 ) including lifetime free support and upgrades

  • FREE Precision Trading Systems Mach-Trend platinum pro

  • FREE Precision Index Oscillator

  • FREE PLA Dynamical GOLD

  • FREE Precision Divergence finder

  • FREE Precision Stop indicator

  • Name and photo on the home page and hall of fame pages for the whole year


Precision Trading Systems has completed the following updates

PLA Dynamical GOLD for Tradestation 9.5 now available Completed July 20th 2017
Precision Index Oscillator  now available Tradestation appstore $16 per month Completed March 28th 2017
Demand Index  for NinjaTrader 8 is ready Completed Novemer 15th 2016
Precision Divergence Finder for NinjaTrader 8 is ready Completed Novemer 14th 2016
Precision Index Oscillator ( PI-Osc ) for NinjaTrader 8 is ready Completed Novemer 9th 2016
Trading IQ Game New version in html 5 many updates and features Completed July 8th 2016
Precision Divergence Finder for MT 4 Completed Feb12th 2016
Precision Index Oscillator ( PI-Osc ) for MetaTrader 4   Completed Feb 8th 2016
Precision Probability Index for NinjaTrader    Completed Feb 5th 2016
Demand Index ( DI ) for MetaTrader 4   Completed Jan 30th 2016
Demand Index a complete guide to using this powerful indicator Completed Jan 19th 2016
Percent  Asymmetric for MultiCharts Completed Jan 9th 2016
The new Member forum is ready for use (Beta) earn up to $200 in credits on products Completed March 1 2015
Stand Alone Tools Completed Feb 1 2015
Precision Probability Index for MultiCharts Completed Nov 4th 2014
Trade Volume Index for MultiCharts Completed June 3rd 2014
Methods of Jim Slater to find growth stocks for investment  (Zulu Principle) Completed June 6th 2014
Precision Percent Asymmetric for NinjaTrader 7 Completed June 4th 2014
Promotional offers when available Completed April 4th 2014
Trading IQ Game Gets a digitally signed Comodo validation certificate Completed April 2nd 2014
Precision Stop for NinjaTrader7      *NEW*  Completed March 30th 2014
Precision Stop for MultiCharts 8.5    Completed Jul 13th 2013
Partnership with  MultiCharts finalised, they are sponsoring Trading IQ game    Completed Jul 12th 2013
Mach-Trend for MultiCharts 8.5     Completed Jul 7th 2013
PLA Dynamical for MultiCharts 8.5 Completed Jun  1st 201
Crash! videos  Completed Mar 8th 2013
PLA Dynamical GOLD    For NinjaTrader7        Completed Jan 23rd 2013
Mach-Trend for NinjaTrader7      Completed Feb 14th 2013
Mailing list server completed ( Services will begin during February 2013 ) Completed Jan 12th 2013
Easy Language beginners guide to creating indicators and strategies. Completed Jan 14th 2013


 Donald Trump and Brexit what to expect

 A new era has started as Donald Trump becomes president and the continuation and stability of the presence of a Clinton, Bush or an Obama in the white house has now stopped. What can we expect to happen as this change radiates out into the stock market?
 Brexit is another unknown outcome situation to look forward to and will cause many surprises in the world of finance, how are we best going to react to these?

 Clearly the above are huge game changers and will have massive global effects which will create volatility around the world.

 With the EU negotiations you never can predict the outcome until the very final stages, so we can expect endless nonesense theories in the news which can largely be ignored. These could go on for about two years and the rumours and theories will cause many large tradeable swings and huge uncertainties in the markets.

 After the so named "dirty campaign" between Hilary Clinton and Trump is over so now the real action starts and we can only wait and see what policies are actually actioned.

 Protectionism is one of the cornerstones of Trump's policy which can lead to short term booms but in the longer run tends to lead to weaker economies. The only uncertainty is that Trump is the only true protectionist in the Repulican party with the rest being free trade advocates. Protectionism is often cited as a cause of wars starting.

 The public seems to assume that Trump will continue with the QE money printing process but this is by no means certain. Trump has to do something to assist the average man on the street if he is to get another term in office but this is not going to be easy.

 To some degree change and uncertainty usually have a negative impact of stock market prices but after the initial shocks have passed by and the new events and policies start to happen we can expect to see many different oppurtunites present themselves.

 The dull predictability and money printing of the EU and Federal reserve has reduced volatility in markets to a low level and the new systems will likely change this odd stability caused by "voodoo economic policy" .
This is neither good or bad but it is very different.

 It could mean big trends will occur in many markets which were previously lacklustre and dull and these trends represent big profits to a trader positioned on the right side of the wave. Some companies may suffer and eventually go bust, but others will florish when making swift adaptations to new conditions.

 Traders also have to be swift to adapt and jump onto the new trends. Will you be ready?

 The good news is that here you can find trend following models to help you stay on the monster trends that will come.

 Please see the product guide


Site update

Flash crash of 2010 SP500 intra-day chart


Do you remember the flash crash of 2010?

Actual data from this event has been loading into the Trading IQ Game from stocks, commodities and futures.

I have re-based the prices so you wont know which market you are trading.

Try your luck and see how you survive it it!

Free to Play now ( Requires Java )



FREE and paid Systems and Indicators for Tradestation MultiCharts and NinjaTrader, detailed articles on trading systems, trend following, risk control analytics, optimization, optimal trade size formulas, online calculators, FREE to play Trading IQ Game with massive prizes from our two sponsors NinjaTrader and MultiCharts, tutorial videos, expert trader videos, no nonense content that does exactly as it is described...Time is running out... Credit availability is drying up...The cost of borrowing is gradually rising....US National debt to be equal to 35% of the entire worlds GDP in 3 years....33% of all USA tax revenues will be required just to make the INTEREST PAYMENTS on the collosal national debt...... Eventually the US will have no option other than to print money or default on their debt repayments...... US Dollars will likely cease to be the reserve currency of the world........Stimulus is running out, the Federal reserve has fired all its bullets and the only options left are to print more money or to default on the debt payments.....The problem is infinitely worse than in 1929 due to the added problem of this huge government debt...... In 1929 the USA still had a positive trade surplus and a manufacturing based economy..... In 2011 the USA will have no such resources to fall back on........The two most likely scenarios are both likely to lead to disaster......Hyper-Inflation at 40%+†or Deflationary implosion....... Either of the two possibilities will lead to huge moves in the worlds financial markets........Trading of these massive moves could be the only way out..........Wise proffessional traders have already started building huge dollar short posistions in anticipation of the debacles to come.....Many people will suffer as a result of the irresponsible un-elected Federal reserve operatives..........Many more people will lose their homes......Millions of jobs will be lost......Those who are unprepared will become impoverished in ways that they could never imagine.....What is your strategy to trade these violent market trends?.........ARE YOU  READY?

Precision Trading Systems is partnered with NinjaTrader and MultiCharts

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  • Both these trading platforms are excellent



The future for the economy for 2017 and beyond...


The unlimited stimulus continues to pour into the markets with Draghi vowing to do whatever is required to stop the Euro from death.

One has to prepare for hyper inflation on a global scale, those who are not ready will be in for a tough time.  Are you ready?



I wish I could say something good about the economic situation. My basic views have remained unchanged for the last two years in the sense that we are entering the first stages of hyperinflation.

The evidence of this is now much more prevalent than in previous months. The rioting over expensive food costs is likely to spread across most countries. Economies begin to recover from the recession, the injected funds from money printing begin to cause inflation. Stock indices are expected to rise to incredible levels unexpected by most.


To the critics...


I received a lot of criticism a year or more back from some people who claimed my hyper-inflation forecasts were "scare mongering", "drastic", "unrealistic" and "sheer idiocy" etc.  My job as a trader is to make money by correctly betting on market movements, this is my 12th consecutive year in which I have been profitable, with the worst year being a 25% return, the best being 1203%.


It would seem that the critic's job is to be critical of others and to try to make them feel inferior. As most of their predictions are wrong they do not usually make profits from their hunches. Instead they like to blurt their views to others regardless of any facts. (Probably to make themselves feel better)


To those critics I say, the facts are stated below and all of these are things are signs of hyper-inflation. Isn't this exactly what I said would happen?

As a result I made some nice profits, and I guess the critics lost some cash or didn't have the guts to bet at all.


A quote for the critics...There has never been a statue of monument erected in memory of a critic.

  • USA rice prices have doubled

  • Price of a stuffed chicken in Morrisons supermarket rises from £3.75 to £4.99

  • Price of Snickers bar rises from 25p to 80p

  • UK petrol pump prices exceed £1.46 per litre in April 2012 previously was 80p per litre 1 year earlier.

  • Food price rioting starts in North Africa (Tunisia and Algeria)

  • 300% rise in Corn prices ( a new ten year high also due to drought in USA)

  • London rents rise 20% in 2 years

  • European potatoes doubled in price in just 8 months

  • Sugar prices hit 40 year high

  • Cotton price up over 100% in one year

  • Soybean prices up over 100% in one year

  • Greece problems continue to cause concerns

  • US Dollar decline continues.

  • Bernanke, Geitner and Summers continue to destroy the US economy with QE1 , 2, ( I predict more QE events for 2011 )

  • The governments across the world are welcoming inflation as it will eventually increase US house prices to the point where the banks can show a profit on their catastrophic investment portfolios ( sub prime debt ).

  • The problem is they don't have a plan B and will cause the worst inflation ever seen and the total collapse of the capitalist system.

So where are the critics now? All very silent it seems.


The general public will always be impoverished by inflation,  but the elite can benefit by making shrewd decisions with specific trades in selective markets.


Are you ready?  Grab yourself a system and learn how to trade the markets







 Liam Garrity Rokous 2012 World Trading IQ Game champion. Presentation at St Paul's School New Hampshire USA.

Liam  achieved a World Trading IQ rating of 2021 which is the highest possible under the new scoring system.


Precision Trading Systems extends a warm thank you to Liam, his teacher Jim Watt ( 2nd )  for taking such a keen interest in my game and site.


Thanks also to the head teacher of the school for granting permission for this video to be placed on my  site.


They used the game in their investment classes to improve their trading skills


Can you beat Liam's score?


Sign up and find out


Introducing the 2011 World Trading IQ Game champion Kevin Brown 50 from Georgia USA.

Congratulations to you Kevin.


Kevin achieved a World Trading IQ rating of 9,773 which was way above the the normal scoring range.

He stated that detecting volatility and price action to adjust his risk percentage and stop distance before placing trades had led to his huge improvement.

Kevin was entitled to receive a $1000 cash prize, but instead he opted to receive $250 cash plus Mach-Trend Platinum pro, which was a nice gesture as it demonstrated his high regard for my products.  To my amazement, Kevin is not a full time trader, but trades only in his spare time.

Can you beat Kevin's score? You will need to create a free account to use the full controls

 World champion Kevin Brown's comments  ( If you win the 2013 Trading IQ Championship your photo and name will be here all through 2014)


I have been interested in investing and trading for over 20 years now. I started out as a clerk and eventually became a broker for E.F Hutton (remember them?) Later I changed career paths and went into software and management consulting.

Ever since my broker days I have been fascinated with the markets. Today I am limited to trading in my spare time so I prefer to focus on position and/or swing trades using strategies that I can implement with end of day data and filters. More recently I have been interested in using options as a proxy for equities to help control risk.

It is literally man versus machine for the individual trader or investor today and you need all the help you can get.

I think Roger's website is fantastic. The indicators are top notch and the site offers valuable no nonsense information for traders of all experience levels.

The trading game is an eye opener and the pages dedicated to risk management and optimal risk calculations are a must read.



Precision Trading Systems is partnered with MultiCharts

MultiCharts is a complete trading software platform for professionals.

 It offers considerable benefits to traders, and provides significant advantages over competing platforms.

It comes with high-definition charting, dynamic portfolio-level backtesting, EasyLanguage support, genetic optimization, and 300+ strategies and indicators. Take action, get a free 30 day trial now!


The collection of products below have been carefully assembled to provide a very versatile tool kit for traders who use MultiCharts.


Learn more about MultiCharts.


Looking for a different platform? Please see the Product guide





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