Made to order to restore your Yamaha's back to peak condition!


  • High quality rubber moulding specification.

  • Identical size of original Yamaha part

  • Made from brand new durable rubber

  • Soft pliable texture that will not crack

  • Youtube videos


  • Fits Yamaha RD 250LC

  • Fits Yamaha RD 350LC

  • Fits Yamaha RD 400 DX

  • 1 Year full money back guarantee




I was restoring my old 1980 Yamaha RD 250 LC, and was finding it impossible to buy new inlet manifold rubbers anywhere as Yamaha sadly stopped manufacturing them more than 20 years ago. Any second hand pairs available would be made from the same degraded 20+ years old rubber which would surely crack up in no time.


Keen to replace my old cracked and leaking rubbers, I decided to make use of my engineering background as a mould maker and get on with constructing a mould to produce some nice new manifolds.



If you want to try making some of these yourself you can see how I made them click here.

This photo shows one part of the mould I constructed  to cast the rubbers.

You can watch the video here Youtube videos



Fortunately rubber technology has moved on in recent years and the material used in these manifolds is a pliable, durable, non-crack type high density rubber. Its not cheap, but it has to be good to withstand the constant vibration, heat gradients and continuous petrol and oil contact.


Halfway through this project I figured that there are still probably around 10,000 RD250LC's, RD350LC's and RD 400'S being used in England today or sitting in sheds waiting to be lovingly restored, so I am now offering these rubbers for sale to enthusiasts who need them.


The rubber is very expensive in small quantities and the steel backing plates are labour intensive to machine to size and have to be drilled and bored accurately. The rubber has to be mixed precisely and then de-gassed with a vacuum pump to remove air which gets introduced during the mixing process before it is moulded.


 90 per pair + packaging and postage (Discounts given for bulk orders)


Perhaps this will seem expensive to you, but consider the work involved not only in producing these, but also in the cost of materials and labour costs to produce the mould.


Drop me a line to discuss your needs ( and maybe you can persuade your mates to buy a set )


You can pay with pay pal, cheque, postal order


Roger Medcalf


Contact by Email    mailto:precision@ukonline.co.uk

Contact by phone   0208 555 1052




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